Specialist rigid thermoplastic insulation used for thermal bridging detailing, including at window & door thresholds.

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  • Strong lightweight rigid insulation made from thermoplastic foam, based on polystyrene.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.046 W/m.K and Density: 200 kg/m3
  • Ideally suited for support for door thresholds and window installation, where it is important to minimise thermal bridging.
  • Wide range of applications where structural support and the possibility of obtaining secure fixings into the material are required.
  • Can be used as a replacement for timber battens in these applications, where thermal bridging is to be reduced.
  • High compressive strength with good screw pull-out resistance and easy to drill & saw
  • Available with Parabond 600, a fast curing, elastic white adhesive with high initial bonding strength suitable for securing Compacfoam to building materials and itself

Technical details

    • Thermal conductivity = 0.046 W/mK
    • Average stress at 5%: 2.56 N/mm2
    • Average stress at 2%: 1.91 N/mm2
    • Modulus of elasticity in linear-elastic range (E-Module): 102 N/mm2
    • Recommended stress level (under service load): 1.01 N/mm2
    • Water vapour diffusion resistance factor: 25
    • Maximum water absorptive capacity during complete submersion: 5-10%
    • Material behaviour in response to fire, according to EN 13501: Euroclass E
    • Elongation at maximum force (maximum strain at failure load): >10%
    • Final creep rate (anticipated long-term deformation at serviceability limit state: <3%

    Using Compacfoam

    • The best way to cut Compacfoam is to use saw blades with large distances between the teeth or milling blades, to avoid the material ‘melting’. More information
    • You can use Compacfoam blocks in an external wall insulation system to provide firm fixing for drainpipes. 


    • Available in rectangular bars in four sizes
    • Width/ height: 100 mm x 150 mm/ 100 mm X 75 mm/ 100 mm X 50 mm/ 100mm X 20mm
    • Length: 0.97 m (970 mm)
    • Other dimensions available to special order

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